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Im planing an sg standard build but would like to produce an accurate working blue print to build from. I guess i could just make an hh up, or modify an ssh, but now im wonderring about optimum pickup placement for both. Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user. All orders world wide airmail with tracking shop categories shop gibson sg super mirror. I like the idea of a cream pickguard on an lp in fact, i am looking at one for the lp in my avatar. Jun 21, 20 i spent 10 months and hundreds of hours researching to produce a full working cad of a brian may red special. The 1961 sg blueprint thread page 4 my les paul forum. Rapid fit to guitars like the gibson les paul, sg, es335, flying v, fender telecaster, stratocaster and many more. Adding pickup rings to an sg with a full pickguard will.

The problem is, unlike a strat where you can just unscrew the guard and take it off, the sg pickguard has the bridge going through it. Jeden obrazok vyda za tisic slov zakladne tvary gitar stratocaster, telecaster, les paul a sg vidite na obrazku. I have been dying to try the seymour duncan prails on an sg faded but didnt want to take on messing with new pots, switches or drilling holes. Youll need to confirm this is the correct pick guard. You will need to print this pdf file at 100% scale and check the 1 inch square to verify the box is 1 x 1. Comes with measurements mm and should fit on a standard 8. As i pointed out in a previous post in this thread my classic vibe 60s matches the 11 hole fender pattern. See my video how to easy change a strat pickguard, and replace pickup, install humbucker wiring. Looking for downloadable 3d printing models, designs, and cad files. From my experience epiphone plastics and routing, screw holes and everything else are so across the board inconsistent that having an actual tracing from someone elses pickguard may not do much good anyway.

Gibson sg standard style pick guard this is slightly different than than the sc classic. The list below is not exhaustive, but please use the following pdf templates as a reference for some of the more common pickguard shapes we offer, and contact us if you need help in any way. Unfollow gibson pickguards to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. You might be able to search who might have originally posted it and ask if they have the cad files. Check the helpful pdf patterns available at for example. Theyre carefully cut by hand to make sure they fit your instrument. Looking for fullface sg pickguard tracing my les paul forum. Ive been lurking in this group for a couple of weeks, i came across it while researching pickguards for my sgj. Musiclily pro 11hole large full face guitar pickguard for gibson american sg, 4ply vintage tortoise 1. Exact dimensions of a stratocaster pickguard luthier guitar. The type of files you use are needle files, i use a square file and a flat fine file to finish off the holes. Shop pickguard gallery players guitar gallery contact.

Us dollars euro australian dollars brazil reais canadian dollars swiss francs chinese yuan danish kroner south korean won mexican pesos norwegian kroner new zealand dollars british pounds russian rubles south african rands swedish kronor japanese yen. We have grouped similar items together in basic price categories. It appears as though id need to remove the bridge from my guitar in order to change the pickguard. Several ideas to allow making the pickguard out of a single piece by changing its shape. Harley benton te80 customize project part 7 the pickguard. Mar 05, 2011 if you read that thread someone posted a site with pdf files of the correct pick guards, you can print them out and overlay them on each other and your guitar to see how much work is needed. Download people musical instruments electric guitars 3d models for 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d, lightwave, softimage, blender and other 3d modeling and animation software. If i have to make up a pickguard, i will, but it would be nice to have the two hbs in the best locations, soundwise. The pdf links on this page are for the most common configurations and are here primarily for you to check the overall fit of the pick guard buy gauging its overall shape and mounting hole layout etc. Terrapin guitars is excited to announce we are now colaborating with perri ink guitars. The gibson sg guitars started as part of the les paul family, but quickly became gibsons most popular solidbody as the original les paul styles were discontinued in the early 1960s. The hardware comes from a 2015 sg special tribute series. Wiring diagram fender strat 5 way switch new sss strat s1 diagram data wiring diagrams fender strat 5 way switch positions, guitar 5 way switch wiring diagrams, how to wire a 3 way toggle switch guitar, strat 5 way switch diagram, wiring a pickup selector switch, wiring diagram fender strat 5 way switch, wiring diagram for fender.

Custom pickguard making your search is over, i can make any design of scratchplate for your guitar preferably from the original, a hand drawn template or a complete new design. Jul 23, 2010 confirming pdf files you can always put the template directly on the guitar to make sure every thing lines up properly. Pickguards for sg pickguards for strat hsh and hh pickguards for strat hss pickguards for strat sss pickguards for tele prewired pickguard assembly. Sd just released a switching system that gives all the options of prails offer in the pickup rings. The humbucker is wider and shorter than a p90 so it may fit without any more routing because of the extra wood that is routed out for the pickup adjusting. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating.

The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Looks like someone has replaced the scratchplate as it has a black one currently im trying to. This page is currently being updated so if you want a pdf outline and cant access it anywhere else please contact us and request the pdf by email. The pickguard fit right in there, if you try to go straight down from above it wont fit but if you slide it in from the surface flush with the guitar it goes right in easily. The sg guitars carried the les paul name into 1963. The tug bar is gone, but the mounting holes are still there. Alternatively, you could take the pdf and measure it up and draw it into cad yourself taking into account you having cad and the skills to do dorob. Aug 28, 2018 aug 28, 2018 exact dimensions of a stratocaster pickguard. This app supports all files that our system can convert to pdf. A few months ago ive attempted to build such thing with the help of my fatherinlaw. The gibson sg classic is the same sg that we all know and love. We are now fabricating these amazing perri inks black and white american flag pick guards.

Fullsized scale of a separated body and headstock for the sg. It will fit the 2017 sg special t, but the screw holes do not line up with the existing pickguard screw holes. We have worked together with nick perri of perri ink to upgrade the quality and style of these awesome black and white american flag pickguards. However, this one has p90s instead of the normal humbuckers that most people associate with this guitar. Im new to sgs have lps, but got my first sg today its a secondhand gibson usa platinum special, silver in colour with an ebony unbound fretboard.

I bought a skin sort of a sticker for my guitar hero controler wich looked really great and good quality same material as used for car stripinglogos, and asked the guy if he could make a custom one for my real guitar pickguard. Will it fit custom pickguard pdf templates custom pickguards. Dec 20, 2014 part 7 of a series of videos im making, documenting customizing my te80, and offering some hopefully helpful information along the way, for anyone interested in doing something similar. Includes nut width, pickguard, pickup and electronics cavities, cavity plate, bridge markings, and chamfering lines.

All pdf outlines should be printed at 100% scale as outlined here. It will not fit guitars with p90 pickups or minihumbuckers. We have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories available for. When you click on your item, it takes you to a price page for that category, so the picture may not match your pickguard. American made and handcrafted to order, we manufacture aftermarket pickguards for many of the mass produced guitar models manufactured over the last 70 years including most limited edition instruments. The files enabled us to send it directly to the laser cutter with minor set up because of the closed polylines and offset. Fender stratocaster guitar templates electric herald. On receiving your order, please include your telephone number so that our pickguard department can call you before commencing. Theyre copies of the original or your supplied template. Ill try to keep this brief, my son is now learning how to play guitar no pressure, hes gotta love it and as a result, after hanging up the guitars and gigging for at least the past 15 years, its inspired me to pick up and am now playing everyday rebuidling the chops. The above pickguard can be orderd in almost any configuration you want. Fits import sg, does not fit americanusa made gibson sg full face guitars. Some of these customers are still with us after all this time. In 1960, all four models were revamped and given a new sg body shape, featuring a thinner, doublecutaway body with pointed horns.

Ikn 3ply black pickguard 5 holes sg guitar pickguard scratch plate with screws for sg 61 ri guitar replacement. Alternatively, you could take the pdf and measure it up and draw it into cad yourself taking into account you having cad and the skills to do do. Templates for the construction of the gibson sg custom guitar model perfect 1. Once you have the shape cut out you will need to cut the pickup holes out, i do this with a router and follow the card template. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Problem is my sg has the full pickguard where the pickups are held by the guard without any rings. I have a three axis router that would do the job, but i would prefer to not have to plot out the pattern cuz im lazy. Sep 08, 2011 can any fellow sg lovers accurately date my grandfathers 1960s sg. And im more than happy to make my plans freely available on forums that felicitate the posting of pdf files.

Terrapin guitars does not charge any extra for left handed pick guards. If you can find a way of getting them legitimately, that would be awesome. Custom guitar scratchplates jacks instrument services. With the drawings already done, we are able to direct our attention to the more productive task of building guitars. Pickguards and plastic parts creamtone vintage design. Hey guys, ive recently been thinking about switching out the pickguard on my sg standard. Batwing pickguard for gibson 24 fret sg special, reverb. It has a uniquely shaped mahogany body, mahogany set neck, a bound rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, dot inlays, hard tail bridge, two p90s, a pickguard, two volume knobs, two. Pdf files we have pdf outlines for most pick guards we make but not necessarily all of them.

All orders world wide airmail with tracking shop categories shop gibson sg super mirror gibson. Pickguard for gibson 24 fret sg special, sgm sgj 60s and. Please note that not all of the pick guards on this pdf list are currently available for ordering through the web site. All 3d models polygonal only cad only free only sort by. He is positive he purchased in early 1968 as new from a music store in brooklyn new york. Select the two files you want to compare and start the comparison. A few seconds later, you will see the differences between the two files. Also oddly, there are many hsh strat pickguards kicking around, but very few unloaded hh ones. If you have a pickguard and other parts, you can modify it for your need.

We have more than 40 colors and multiple material for each template, also we accept pickguard custom with a certain quantity. Gibson sg classic style pick guard sgclh1xh1 configured for standard covered. Please be sure and read this if you plan on using the pdf outline files for fit check. People musical instruments electric guitars 3d models show. Chandler music has been making pickguards since 1980, supplying some of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. Accuracy and detail are found throughout each guitar plan. Welcome to realtone music, the premier online guitar parts resource down under. We try to turn all pickguard orders around in 7 working days.

Musiclily have a wide range of value pickguards and tremolo spring covers for you. If you are interested in an item not available on the site please contact us by email or by phone at 5414610877. I got a bunch of 12 old unplayable lp records for free from a friendly gentleman from a local record store and proceeded to design how i wanted the placement of it to be. Hey guys and gals, im starting on a partscaster that will have two humbuckers and only three pots, no five way switch, and i need to make a pickguard for it. We cut these in our shop from 5 ply black and white material and ship it with five smaller gibson size pickguard screws. Sg style full face gsgsv1 gibson sg standard gsg3sc gibson sg 3 single coil gsg3h gibson sg 3 humbucker esgg310v1 epiphone sg g310 sg style half face eg400v1 epiphone sg g400 version 1 eg400v2 epiphone sg g400 version 2 eg400gv1 epiphone sg g400 goth version 1 tele style fts8v1 fender telecaster standard 8 hole fts5v1 fender telecaster 5 hole. All kinds of pickguards for all kinds of guitars made in usa by chandler music. Greetings, everyone, i have a white pbass pickguard that had a tug bar on it at one time. Confirming pdf files you can always put the template directly on the guitar to make sure every thing lines up properly. Largest resource of downloadable pdf pickguard templates for guitar and bass. It is warped and cracked to shreds so he wants a new one. Name az name za newest oldest polys hilo polys lohi rating per page. Remember that you can order a laser cut mock up of a pick guard to do a fit check to make sure everything will line up correctly.

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