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One of the various features included in windows 8 is a totally new ui, people dont seem to be totally satisfied with the metro ui, so this. I was surprised to find myself in some difficulty understanding how it was meant to work. Once you reach the desktop, you will see the familiar interface you. Many users including myself find the given ways to find the installed programs on a windows 8 based computer difficult to use. To install it, visit the page and click the download file link at the right side of the page. Classic shell this free download is a highly customizable collection of features, spanning from older versions of windows that were later removed to newer ones. How to switch to desktop classic view in windows 10. One can only imagine the frustration of average users finally managing to get away from the tilebased environment, finally seeing the familiarity of desktop. Windows 8 brought forth a new touchenabled windows through its tile system. How to access windows 8 start screen and apps from classic. The user interface are better suited to touch but not good when i use a. A deviantart user named kizo2703 put together a windows classic for windows 8 or 10. Start charming is a free windows 8 app which makes it possible to access the windows 8 start screen and apps right from your desktop. But the desktop, which is the classic windows interface, is only a click or two away.

Several thirdparty utilities can serve as start menu replacements for windows 8 users who arent as keen on the new start screen. Classic shell adds some missing features to windows 7, 8, 8. Windows 8s new tilebased interface works best on mobile devices, and the world of computing looks increasingly mobile. Both can be configured to boot your computer directly to the legacy desktop versus the modern ui aka metro start window. Docks the app to the left, middle, or right side of the screen with each press. If you want to skip the start menu entirely, being able to set windows 8. By default, the start button now takes you to the windows 8 start screen, but we can change that. Even though the traditional desktop was still available, it seemed like microsoft was pushing us. The implementation of the new metro interface has rendered the old start. Microsofts most anticipated os has finally arrived, and theres no doubt that all of you out there who snagged a copy of windows 8 are excited to see whats new. From the desktop, rightclick the taskbar, point to toolbars and select.

On a side note, though, windows 810 has a drastically different look and its not so easy to get the classic look there, but thats another story. Classic shell start menu and other windows enhancements. Understanding the windows 8 user interfaces i bought windows 8 without knowing much about it. The classic shell addon does not replace the start. Enable the classic start menu in windows 8 youtube. If you are new to windows 8, you may find this metro desktop a little.

Fortunately, i can tell you that the new windows 8 interface is not hard to understand if you are clear on some key concepts and features. While there are many apps that can help you get the classic start menu in windows 8 such as pokki, vistart and startmenu8, start charming makes it possible to adapt to the metro ui by taming it. If youre one of those users who wants the classic start menu in windows 8, here are just a few ways to get her back. Hi i have a new computer with windows 10 i love the computer but not windows 10 i miss windows 7 was a lot easy to use a normal startmenu no silly. The classic interface windowing windows 7, windows vista, windows xp, windows azure, windows server 2008. Or rather, how to enable the classic interface only. There are three different menu styles available in classic shell, including the classic style, the classic style with two columns, and the windows 7 style. If you install programs you used on previous versions of windows xp, vista or 7, they will open in the desktop environment. Presumably, it was the result of an effort by the windows. While the original shipping version of this new os, called windows 8, took an. Luckily, microsoft is not crazy enough to completely cut out the old interface in windows 7. Although, on hybrids, the basic desktop interface is arguably touchfriendly enough to not need the tablet mode much of the time. How to bring the classic start menu back in windows 8.

How to add a program list menu on windows 8 desktop. How to get classic desktop back with a free utility called classic shell available at. How to get the classic start menu back in windows 8. The software is available for both windows 10 and windows 8 so you can change either of the modern ui start menus created by windows in recent os updates. Make sure automatically go to the desktop when i sign in is checked. A nonmodal window is one that you can switch out of and then switch back to. Publishers of technology books, ebooks, and videos for creative people.

In windows 7 you can revert back to the classic windows look easily. The windows 8 user interface has many windows users divided. How to get classicstyle themes back on windows 8 or 10. But compared to the jumble of ways you could navigate to key tools, control panels and utilities in windows 7, this is a streamlined and efficient interface. How to stay in desktop mode on your windows 8 pc techlicious. It is a metro button to sling you right back into the windows 8 tilebased user interface. How to log into the desktop, add a start menu, and disable.

Classic shell works on windows 7, windows 8, windows 8. Understanding the windows 8 user interfaces gizmos freeware. Trying out windows 8 on the desktop gives a strange feeling. Fwiw i currently have start 8 installed on my nontouch screen hp g60447cl laptop but have it disabled simply because i have come to use and. How to get to the classic interface in windows 8 start.

Say you want to run windows 8, but you have encountered a few issues with the new tilelike interface. How to stay in desktop on your windows 8 pc techlicious. Both the start button and classic start menu are gone in windows 8. Windows 8 has placed a large amount of its reliance on touch based pcs that. The system keep booting into the classic windows desktop. So i write this tutorial for the classic windows users who want to view and access their installed programs while they are on windows 8 desktop interface, as on previous operating systems windows 7, vista, xp, etc. Here there are different shortcuts to different applications and services of microsoft store. Classic shell is a great application for windows users that want to experience removed features, especially the start button that was removed from windows 8. I have upgraded my win8 computer to windows 10, but could not find any option to enable the classic view. When i open any app or software, it automatically goes full screen and app icons are missing in taskbar.

While youre on the desktop page, check out the newinwindows 8. How to install a classic windows interface on windows 10. Go to the legacy desktop and right click on the taskbar click properties. Fwiw i currently have start 8 installed on my nontouch screen hp g60447cl laptop but have it disabled simply because i have come to use and really like the new modern ui aka metro start window. Doubleclick a media file in the classic desktop and itll open it in the corresponding modern user interface app. Desktop elements how to get to the classic interface in. First, it is designed and optimized for touch screens, normally reserved for smart phones and tablets. Press to toggle between the start screen interface and the desktop.

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